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Who we are

We make it real to improve the quality of your life, to keep and rise capital, to develop your own business, ensure your bright future

Professional experience in large companies and innovative start-ups once gave our team the opportunity to formulate own business approach in investment management. Today, looking back, we understand that the most difficult thing in a serious literate work is to find time for it. And we are ready to work for you, without taking yours.

Delovoy is a global beneficiary project with competence in the fields of mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, capital markets, financial restructuring, advisory and strategic management, blockchain technologies, commodities distribution from China, 3PL in oil and energetic supplemental, etc.

The team with its professional experience provides funding services for corporations, institutions and governments around the world, as well as business offices in Russia, the United States, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region.

Financial rigor and attention to details are the hallmarks of our team's commitment to customer success in all partnerships. The project team consists of first-class investment managers with extensive experience in working with capital markets, obtained at JPMorgan and Deutsche bank, ingenious virtuosos working with China, having commercial experience in P&G and Nestle holdings, and experts in crypto-currencies that already have significant experience in trading on crypto exchanges, the implementation of ICO projects, and of course mining.

Delovoy is an innovator in the field of administering private and institutional capitals. For our client we offer guaranteed stable profit with minimal risks via diversification of working capital. All spheres of activity have clear distinctions, which guarantees economic safety of investors and protection of capital from possible risks. Entrust money management to professionals. If you want to multiply your savings - the investment project delovoy is the best choice for you.


The best gets the best. Our business "battlefield"

Commodities distribution from China

The whole market is full of goods from China, whether it be clothing, toys, or electronic goods. The marginal distribution of products from China is up to tenfold. Already over the past ten years, business with China is one of the key activities of the largest investors around the world. The capacious market guarantees an absolutely stable and win-win investment option.

Financial services

Factoring services for sub-distributors allow to obtain excellent indicators of profitability on employed capital on short-term trading operations. Funding of entrepreneurial activity with the experience of market experts allowed to earn an excellent reputation and enter into multi-million dollar contracts.

Capital Markets and Forex

The main source of income for many banks, well-known companies and private traders. Unique strategies of the company's specialists stop their choice on the most profitable transactions. The minimum risk. Maximum profit. To date, we are proud to say that this is the safest direction of the company's investment strategy.

The markets of crypto currency

The delovoy team guarantees a profitable investment of capital. Competent distribution of funds, risk diversification, predictability of the situation are the main components of the segment profitability.

Crypto-currency mining

Own technological platforms allow capitalizing investments in real production capacities. "Farms" operate around the clock, are serviced by high-quality technical operators, and its work is coordinated by experts, which allows determining the most profitable directions.

Delovoy is an excellent opportunity to receive passive income.


Business people - Business approach

Delovoy - professionalism

Professional administration of the deposits of our customers. Guaranteed profitability and absence of risks. The beneficiary program does not require you to waste time. Time is money, and we will use it as efficiently as possible. We offer you the best solutions on the market!

Delovoy - guarantees

Professional approach, stable result, rapid achievement of financial independence. Having started working with us, you multiply the invested capital. Loyalty, Prudence, and Care are our main principles!

Delovoy - opportunities

Our team is always ready to share experience and knowledge with the proactive and involved people and let you realize the potential. A great opportunity to active development in the position of the regional representative of our team. The best opportunity for those who are looking for new directions for their development. We invite like-minded people into the team, creating an atmosphere of mutual trust and support. Become part of the team!

Delovoy - compliance

The activity of Delovoy is absolutely transparent. Each investor is able to discover full reporting package of company's performance. The information is freely available. You can discover the documents and results of activity for 2017FY here. Be in touch!

Delovoy - security

Delovoy complies with the requirements of the international laws and guarantees the protection of personal data, the hiding of account details from third parties. Servers defended from DDOS and hacking, data encryption and regular monitoring ensure complete security for our clients!


Delovoy - We build honest business!

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