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If you do not find the answer here, please contact support

  1. How to access e-portal Delovoy?  
    [1. Registration and user panel]

    All the functionality becomes available after registration on the website, go to the link and enter all required data. If you participate in an affiliate program don't forget to specify entered partner name. Please note that by registering on this website, you accept the terms of usage of the electronic portal.

  2. How to register?  
    [1. Registration and user panel]

    The registration process is very simple and takes few minutes. Click on the registration link, create a username, password, and enter your valid e-mail address. The administration may require confirmation of registration email. Please fill in your personal details in the appropriate fields. After registration you will receive access to your personal accounts. To log on to the website, use your login and password, specified during registration. Don't give your login information to a personal account to third parties.

  3. Forgot password?  
    [1. Registration and user panel]

    You can contact our technical support or use the option «Forgot password» (form of login in personal account). New password will be sent to your e-mail address (don't forget to check the folder "spam").

  4. Can I change my personal data?  
    [1. Registration and user panel]

    The username and e-mail specified at registration can be changed only by request to technical support. Your password you can reset in user panel.

  5. How many accounts can I have on e-portal?  
    [1. Registration and user panel]

    Each user is allowed to have only one active account. Multiple active accounts can be blocked by administration to counter possible fraud.

  6. How to send message by support contact form?  
    [1. Registration and user panel]

    You can find contact form on this page. To send message you shoud be logged in the website. In Login box specify your personal Login, in E-mail box you should specify your confirmed e-mail address. Write a request in message box. Our support team will response you as soon as possibe.

  7. E-mails don't come?  
    [1. Registration and user panel]

    If you don't receive e-mail messages from delovoy, please contact us with Ticket form, by telegram or via e-mail. We advice to use well known e-mail services such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and others.

  8. Why page «Partners» requires authorization?  
    [2. Partnership program]

    This page is available only to registered users who logged in to the website. The information on this page is individual for each user. If you want to know about the possibilities and terms of our affiliate program, please refer to the manuals page.

  9. Does Delovoy have partnership program?  
    [2. Partnership program]

    Delovoy has a flexible partnership program for different groups of investors. All the information concerning the affiliate program you can learn from the materials presented on the manuals page.

  10. Can I develop business without personal invetments?  
    [2. Partnership program]

    Of course, Delovoy gives possibility to start career within our partnership program. To obtain a stable high income. Full information you can find on the page with manuals, or request support.

  11. By which means of payment can I add funds to my account balance?  
    [3. Deposits and payments]

    Automated replenishment is available through the payment system Perfect Money, AdvCash, Payer, Bitcoin. Also, privately accessible to add funds with any other means, by request.

  12. What if I don't have wallets in these payment systems?  
    [3. Deposits and payments]

    You can create a free account in the payment systems Perfect Money, AdvCash, Payeer, Bitcoin. Contact support and get help with opening the e-wallet, or we choose more convenient means of payment.

  13. Which currency is used to add funds and for deposits?  
    [3. Deposits and payments]

    As the company operates in the international market, the replenishment of user accounts is carried out in U.S. dollars. Privately it is possible to replenish by other currencies, based on the official exchange rates.

  14. What limits are set for investments?  
    [3. Deposits and payments]

    The replenishment of user balance is not limited. There are limits for minimal and maximal sum of deposit for each certain deposit plan. The detailed information about deposit plans you can find on page deposits. Users are available to make only one deposit for each of deposit plans.

  15. How to withdraw accrued interest?  
    [3. Deposits and payments]

    Interest for various deposits are accrued at different time intervals, in accordance with the date of creation of the deposit and with its individual terms. Interest is accrued during the period of deposit activity. To withdraw the accrued funds, you must apply through the user panel. Go to the "Withdraw" menu, specify the amount and payment system. In accordance with the payment schedule, confirmation of transfer of funds from company accounts to user accounts is carried out within 3 days from the date of the application. The time of crediting to users' accounts depends on the payment system.

  16. Is any comisson charged on withdrawals?  
    [3. Deposits and payments]

    The company does not impose any fee for withdrawing funds from the users' balances. But know that payment systems, where you make a withdrawal, can charge you a commission. For different payment systems, there are various terms of use, including for verified billing accounts. For such, as a rule, the commission for transactions is less. Information about commissions of major payment systems can be found on official websites:
    Perfect Money
    Advanced Cash
    OK Pay
    There are various electronic purses for transactions in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, their list can be found on the official Bitcoin website. The commission for transactions in the blockchain system has its own characteristics, which you can also find on official resources.

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