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How to invest

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Payment systems

If you decided to begin getting profit with Delovoy solutions, first of all you should to familiarize with information about available payment systems. For the moment, there are four payment systems available for automatic transactions. They are as follows:

- Perfect Money;

- AdvCash;

- Payeer;

- Bitcoin.

Provided payment systems are the world e-market leaders. The systems are very friendly in usage, safe and have a great defensive fraud sustainability. More information about payment systems and its features you can from the official websites.

From ourselves we can add that once registered e-wallets for personal use on the above services, you should verify your accounts by providing the required documents. Account verification will increase payment limits, and reduce transaction fees.

The advantage of electronic payment systems is that they are not subject of banking regulation and tax monitoring. The above-mentioned payment systems are offshore financial institutions and are open for transfers throughout the world they are absolutely not prone to monetary and governance exchange control. And you can always, if necessary, transfer funds to your Bank account, send to family and friends.

If you are uncomfortable with these systems, or you want to top up your balance by other means of payment then please contact our support team with request.


Personal account

To charge on your personal account, and for the further Deposit to deposit plans you need to fill in your personal requisites of the payment systems in the user account.

In the USER PANEL select «Wallets», fill in your requisites and click "Save". After saving you will be able to use add and withdrawal fund functions in your accounts via payment systems within the portal.

Remember that in the standard configuration, the automated system allows to withdraw funds to the payment system through which the payment was initially made.

If your payment system account will be blocked or inactive, you may contact with the request to withdraw funds to other payment requisites. In order to your request has been processed, make sure that you do not have active orders for withdrawal.

Our specialist will process your request to carry out the writing off the balance of your personal account on the portal, and in manual mode will pay you required amount to the payment requisites specified.


Making deposits in Bitcoin

Delovoy sets out internal exchange rate on operations and deposits in Bitcoin. The exchange rate BTC/USD is set regularly. In order to determine the amount in BTC currency corresponding to the limits for deposit plans it is necessary to divide the amount of limit on the BTC/USD rate. The resulting value will correspond to the deposit plan limits in BTC currency. In case of difficulties contact support.



First, you should familiarize yourself with the list of the tariff plans of our company.

All deposits are classified by the frequency of accrual of interest income:


Delovoy offers five main and three bonus deposits of this category. All of them are for 50 days period:

  1. Accruals of 2,3% daily, limits are from 20 to 109 USD, ROI 115%;
  2. Accruals of 2,4% daily, limits are from 110 to 219 USD, ROI 120%;
  3. Accruals of 2,6% daily, limits are from 220 to us 329 USD, ROI 130%;
    • а. Accruals of 4% daily, limits are from 300 up to 5000 USD, ROI 200%;
  4. Accruals of 2,95% daily, limits are from 330 to 549 USD, ROI 147,5%;
    • а. Accruals of 4,5% daily, limits are from 500 to 10000 USD, ROI 225%;
  5. Accruals of 3,5% daily, limits are from 550 to 5000 USD, ROI 175%;
    • а. Accruals of 5,0% daily, limits are from 1000 to 20000 USD, ROI 250%.


Bonus deposit plans are numbered in the list with letter (a). They become available after the maturity of the basic rates of groups 3 to 5.


Deposits with weekly accruals

Deposits with weekly accruals are also presented by 5 basic plans:

  1. Deposit for 6 weeks with 23,80% a week, limits are from 100 to 1000 USD, ROI 142,8%;
  2. Deposit for 7 weeks with 24,85% a week, limits are from 250 to 1500 USD, ROI 174,0%;
  3. Deposit for 8 weeks with 25,90% a week, limits are from 550 to 3000 USD, ROI 207,2 %;
  4. Deposit for 9 weeks with 26,95% a week, limits are from 900 to 5000 USD, ROI 242,6%;
  5. Deposit for 10 weeks with 28,00% a week, limits are from 1300 to 10000 USD, ROI 280,0%.


The deposits with monthly accruals

Deposits with monthly accruals are traditionally presented by 5 basic plans. All of them are for 90 days period with 3 accruals, each per 30 days (accepted as a ‘month’):

  1. 121,5% per month from 100 to 10000 USD, ROI 364,5%;
  2. 124,5% per month from 250 to 20000 USD, ROI 373,5%;
  3. 129,0% per month from 500 to 50000 USD, ROI 387,0%;
  4. 136,5% per month from 750 to 100000 USD, ROI 409,5%;
  5. 151,5% per month from 1500 to 500000 USD, ROI 454,5%.


Also, an important information is that there are bonuses for certain deposit plans.

So, for all of plans, groups numbered 3 to 5, there is a Deposit bonus in the amount of 2%, 3% and 5%, respectively. This bonus will be active until 31 March 2018.

Moreover, for investors with active deposits of groups 4 and 5 of deposits with weekly and monthly accrual there is an additional bonus by the results of billing period from the partnership structure in the amount of 2% and 5% respectively.

For institutional investors, as well as major strategic investors who wants to professionally determine the direction of investment and to implement a demand Deposit, Deposit on retirement of long-term programs, as well as the Deposits to the funds of mutual investments and mutual Funds, please contact us.

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