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Keep your account in safe. Safety tips here

Strong password

First, you should create an account with a strong password, write your password on a piece of paper and keep it in your own wallet. This is the easiest and most reliable way to keep your account in safe. To create a strong password you can use special configurators.

Moreover, you should change your personal account access password regularly, once a month. Thus, you will be more confident in safety of your savings.

You can change password in your personal cabinet (section "Settings").

Security tools

There are a number of tools to protect your personal account on the website. The first is the ability to enable dual-authentication via the Google Authenticator app. You can switch it on in your personal cabinet. We strongly recommend you to do it.

The second tool is the ability to restrict access by IP address, as well as the prohibition of parallel sessions. If you are sure that access to your account will be only via a single IP address, so for security purposes, you can enable this option.

E-mail security

Along with the security of user account on the portal, we also advise you to change your email passwords regularly. The safety and security of the information received by e-mail is very important because using it, the attackers can modify personal user data to theft and fraud.